Judith Elkan, peacemaker

Chani Smith, former FBFF Secretary, pays tribute to Judith Elkan who died aged 92 on Thursday 24th February Read more

Our tears are the same

Layla is Palestinian. Robi is Israeli. They are both mothers. Both have lost a child to the conflict in Israel and Palestine, but both have chosen to seek peace and reconciliation. Join them on Monday 1st June for a Dialogue Meeting where they will share their stories of bereavement and hope, followed by a question and answer session. Read more

Media coverage

How FBFF and the Bereaved Families Forum were reported in the papers, on radio and television – in the UK and internationally. Read more

Three-way webinar defies Covid-19 lockdown

Supporters of the Bereaved Families Forum had two opportunities to share in a transatlantic dialogue between two bereaved fathers and Colum McCann (above), who has turned their haunting story into a new novel, Apeirogon. Read more

What FBFF does

FBFF is a UK charity that supports the work of the Bereaved Families Forum – sometimes known as the Parents Circle-Families Forum (PCFF). We raise funds to support bridge-building activities between the communities in Israel/Palestine. We also work to promote their activities and spread information about them more widely in the UK. Read more

History of the Forum

The origins of the Bereaved Families Forum. Read more

The Team

Our patrons are a group of individuals, all distinguished in their own spheres, who have agreed to lend their support and endorsement to FBFF. The Trustees are a group of FBFF supporters who oversee the management of the charity and guarantee its adherence to the highest legal and ethical standards. The Steering Committee are enthusiastic volunteers who undertake the planning and execution of our promotional and fundraising activities. Read more

The Bereaved Families’ Forum

The FBFF was set up to support the Bereaved Families Forum (PCFF), a joint Israeli/Palestinian organisation of families who have lost a close family member to the conflict. Instead of seeking revenge, they have chosen the path of reconciliation. Read more


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Leave a legacy

Help spread the Bereaved Families Forum message of peace and reconciliation in the UK by leaving a legacy to FBFF. Read more

Offer a venue

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Fundraising ideas

FBFF is always looking for new fundraising ideas. Please contact us if you’d like to help with an existing scheme, or run your own campaign. Read more


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