Maintaining our income is vitally important if we are to continue supporting the Bereaved Families Forum and spreading its message of peace and hope. So no money-raising scheme is too big – or too small – to be considered. Our fundraising efforts in the past have ranged from big, carefully organised events to individuals throwing open their gardens to their friends and neighbours.

Teamwork and goodwill from
all sides powered gala dinner 

For example, a few years ago we ran a big dinner party for 160 people (though it was oversubscribed and a lot more wanted to come!). Our committees and volunteers worked hard to plan everything down to the smallest detail and the event was a great success, raising thousands of pounds. Bassam Aramin and Robi Damelin flew over to speak at the dinner; Lebanese international flautist Wissam Boustany entertained guests with one of his own compositions; our chef was Mark Jankel of Street Kitchen who donated his services for free; and the Liberal Jewish Synagogue in St John’s Wood kindly allowed us to use their beautiful building.

The pictures (below, left to right) show Wissam Boustany; Robi Damelin; Mark Jankel at work in the kitchen; and Rabbi Jonathan Wittenberg, one of our patrons. [Photos by Josh Cowan]

Runner Racheli pounded the pavements 

Racheli Wolfson raised more than £6,000 by successfully completing the Tel Aviv night run, covering a distance of 10km. (She has actually undertaken the run twice, raising some £14,000 altogether).

She ran in memory of her beloved daughter Rikki who died in a tragic accident when she was only 15. Racheli wanted to support a cause that would be a fitting tribute to Rikki.

She decided to run after hearing Israeli and Palestinian members of the Forum speak at an event in London. She was moved by the courage of the speakers, who had also lost loved ones, and who were using their personal loss to promote the cause of peace and reconciliation.

Racheli says: ‘As soon as I decided to raise money for the Forum it all seemed so obvious. I loved the fact that this charity involves bereaved Israelis and Palestinians working together – because grief knows no bounds of creed or colour. The focus of the Forum’s work is on human understanding.

‘It touches us at a very profound level. It really is very special.’

If you would like to organise your own fundraising event for FBFF, please contact us here