‘Jam Session’, published in 2014, was part of the outcome of efforts by Palestinian and Israeli women to break down barriers between their two communities.

The introduction to the book explains how the Bereaved Families Forum Women’s Group was born out of a need to express a feminine voice in its programs:

‘Jam Session is the result of an inspiring mentor, and loving friend, Gil Hovav, who took time from his busy schedule on television and creating cook books and worldwide travel, to guide us, cook with us and eat with us, just for the love of it.

‘Gil is ably assisted by Hussam Abbas, chef and owner of the El Babour restaurants in Israel. Thus a mixture of Palestinian culinary knowhow and Israeli culture from all over the world made it possible to create this practical book of jams and pickles.

‘How could we create a book without introducing you to each of the women who took part, and who better than Reli Avrahami, to capture their faces on camera. She too gave up her valuable time as one of Israel's top photographers, to join in the fun. The dishes themselves were photographed by chef Pavel Kaplan.’